A note on unrealistic thinking

Every single time I release a new song someone asks how I manage to produce so much. While I think that I’m not producing anywhere near enough I’m starting to understand to some extent why I get asked that question. After 160 songs it’s starting to sound like an appropriate question to ask.

Most musicians and bands release an album every other year. They have the chance to write and discard songs that don’t meet their standards and keep perfecting the ones that will eventually be released. As an indie musician in the internet era, you won’t stand a chance of getting heard working by that model. The way people consume media today is so fast that you have to keep producing non-stop not to be forgotten, or even to be noticed at all in the first place.

I’m by no means a workaholic, I’m not even that diciplined. I just love making music and that’s more than enough to carry me though the toughest of days. I am however completely delusional in my thinking. I have lofty goals that are too embarassing to even talk about. But damn it if I’m not working toward them every day. I managed to go from nothing to this, hell, I can do anything. I’m not even that good, I’m just stuborn. I’ll get better over time, but the stubbornness is my greatest asset, and I think that applies to most people.

If you’d told me six years ago that I’d have almost 70 000 subscribers, listeners in every corner of the world and the most supportive and kind hearted community in the world I’d think you were crazy, completely nuts.

A little crazy goes a long way.