So you’re thinking of hiring someone to do a customized soundtrack? I’m honored that you’re here, knocking at my door. I’m writing this because of the massive piles of electronic letters I get asking if I can write something for their project. It might be a full on game or an intro to a Youtube channel. Both of these I’m perfectly happy to do by the way, but here’s some things to consider before asking if it’s your first time working with a composer or musician on a big project.

How much material are you going to need?
What’s the project called and for how long has it been actively worked on?
How many people are currently working on the project?
How many months until release or a playable demo/alpha?
Does the music need to contain any special features?
What’s the budget and how much are you prepared to allocate to music/sound?
Do you need an exclusive license or not? Will you be selling the soundtrack?
What’s the deadline?

These are just a few things to get us started, and preferably I’d like these questions answered without me having to ask them one by one over email and getting somewhat blurry replies. I’ve been asked to write a full soundtrack in 2 months, sorry. I can’t do that. I’ve been asked to write something that sounds like Skyrim, sorry. I’m not Jeremy Soule. If you’ve listened to my music it should be pretty clear what I can and can’t do.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have!